What are some jobs for tech-savvy people who want to travel?

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27 Jul
What are some jobs for tech-savvy people who want to travel?

Embrace your inner tech nomad

Once upon a time, Kieran found a dusty old map in the attic, prompting a lifelong love for travel. Okay, maybe it wasn't quite so Indiana Jones-esqe. Still, like many of you out there, I've always had an itch to explore the world. However, the need for a stable income and a passion for tech had me wondering, "What kind of career could I pursue which would let me travel the world, all while geeking out over the latest technology?" In this article, I'd like to share some jobs of interest that would allow a tech-savvy nomad like us to fulfill both passions.

Digital Nomad: Find your Remote Work Sweet Spot

What if I told you that you could work from the comfort of a beach in Bali or a caffe in Vienna? You best believe it! Digital nomads have the capability to work anywhere in the world, provided there's a stable internet connection. This lifestyle is perfect for tech-savvy individuals with a range of skills such as web development, programming, data analysis, digital marketing, and more. You're not limited to any one industry either. I once met a digital nomad named Ben who coded Python for an AI startup while sailing the Caribbean!

But it's not always a field of roses (or in Ben's case, a sea of clear blue waters). Working remotely across time zones can be challenging. I recall pulling all-nighters to align with my client's timezone, which left me with panda eyes more often than not. Moreover, taxes and job security can be other concerns for digital nomads. Yet, if you're someone who thrives off of novelty and independence, this may just be the path for you.

IT Consultant: The Tech Travel Solutionist

Being an IT consultant offers an exciting mix of in-depth technological problem-solving with the chance to travel. Businesses of all sizes and industries rely on technology. But not all of them have the expertise to implement and manage these technological solutions, and that's where you come in.

IT consultants travel to different client locations, solving a variety of tech issues or implementing new systems. Imagine troubleshooting network issues in a skyscraper in Tokyo one week and creating a wireless communication system for a vineyard in France the next!

The role does demand a strong understanding of information systems, as well as problem-solving skills and excellent communication. And trust me, consuming the right kind of espresso makes a difference when you're jet-lagged and need to explain data cloud fundamentals to your Italian clients. Always go for the doppio.

Travel Tech Blogger/Vlogger: Share the Tech Love!

For those of you eavesdropping on my life, you've probably guessed correctly - I write a tech blog (You're on it—surprise!). But did you know that you can earn a decent living as a tech-savvy blogger or even a vlogger, while traveling?

Believe it or not, there's a huge market for "true-tech" experiences. People are interested in technology and how it functions in diverse environments and cultures. And don't get me started on the unboxing of gadgets in exotic locations. These perform shockingly well in views!

As long as you can effectively communicate complex technology concepts in an engaging and understandable manner, the world is your oyster. It requires creativity, determination, and consistency. Trust me, it's an adventure worth chasing after.

Travel Photographer with a Tech Twist

Are you tech-savvy with a creative eye? Then, travel photography could be your calling. With advancements in photo editing software and drone technology, the field of travel photography has expanded tenfold.

Imagine capturing the first light falling over Machu Picchu with your DSLR, or flying your drone over the stunning turquoise waters of the Maldives. Not only are you creating beautiful content, but you're also deep-diving into the latest gear and software that makes it all possible.

One little secret? Include tech tips in your posts. For instance, 'how to use Lightroom to enhance sunset pictures' or 'mastering your drone for aerial photography'. Because, as much as people love seeing stunning pictures, they also want to know how to create them. Just a bit of advice from personal experience.

Educational Tech Trainer

This job has a special place in my heart because it was during a stint as an EdTech trainer that I met my wife. But I digress. An Educational Tech Trainer or EdTech Trainer is someone who trains educators to incorporate technology into their teaching methods.

In today's digital age, educational institutions worldwide are keen on integrating technology into classrooms. However, they need someone who can guide their staff in using these tools effectively. That's where the EdTech trainer steps in. You could be training teachers to use interactive whiteboards in South Korea one month and introducing the latest e-learning platforms in Germany the next.

While this role does require a fair amount of travel, it's immensely rewarding. You get to directly impact learning outcomes and support teachers in their quest for effective education. Plus, there are lots of side adventures awaiting you in these trips!

So folks, there you have it! If you're technically minded and have a relentless urge to travel, there are plenty of career options that blend these not-so-disparate passions. You bring your skills, enthusiasm, and, of course, a willingness for adventure, and the world's wonderful tapestry of cultures, cuisines, and breathtaking sights are yours to explore. Happy tech-tripping, my fellow nomads!

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