Meet our Team

Shulamit Gilan, CEO

Shulamit joined ManpowerGroup in 1985 and carried out different responsibilities and roles. In 1995 Shulamit was appointed Sales and Marketing Director of ManpowerGroup for Israel and Strategic Clients Coordinator for Southern Europe. Shulamit joined MGS Language Services in 2011 and is currently the CEO of the Israeli operation. As CEO of the Israeli operation Shulamit has contributed from her 25 years’ experience and expertise to the creation of Global ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services, to provide a full gamut of language and content services coverage around the globe.

Inbal Amir Cohen, Director of Operations

Inbal joined MGS Language Services in 1999 as a Project Manager, and moved on to serve as Head of the Project Management Dept. Since 2012, Inbal serves as Director of Operations in which capacity Inbal oversees the Company’s ongoing operations and manages approx. 30 employees. Inbal specializes in developing innovative solution to meet our clients’ various language needs. Inbal is in charge of streamlining all aspects of operations in order to ensure high-quality, timely deliverables to the satisfaction of our clients. Inbal has a BA in Political Science and Philosophy and an MA in Political Science and Media.

Gonen Cohen, Finance and Business Partner

Gonen joined MGS Language Services in 2008 and currently serves as the Company’s Financial Manager. Gonen brings to the role his deep knowledge of the Company’s business. With a BA in Economy and Management from The College of Management, Gonen is responsible for the ongoing financial management of the Company and oversees collection from our customers and accurate payment to our loyal vendors. In addition, Gonen is in charge of producing financial analyses and providing economic and financial support to facilitate pricing solutions across projects, in alignment with our clients’ changing needs.

Miri Ofek, Head of DTP and Engineering

One of our leading specialists, Miri joined MGS Language Services in 1996 and worked as part of the DTP team. With the advance of localization software, Miri made the shift to engineering and in recent years has served as Head of the DTP and Engineering Depts. The Engineering team handles all aspects of the translation, localization and internationalization processes, including word counts, translation memories and terminology database management and leveraging, as well as quality assurance and testing. The Engineering team also provides support for the use of cutting-edge Computerized Translation Tools, such as memoQ, Trados Studio, Alechmy Catalyst, SDLX, Idiom and Passolo. The DTP team offers a full range of stand-alone multilingual desktop publishing services using state-of-the-art graphic applications for handling any existing graphic file format.

Tzvi Gordon, Innovation and IT Manager

Innovation and Information Technologies Manager at MGS Language Services since 2009. Graduate of the Cohen Institute of History and Philosophy in Tel Aviv University, and undergraduate of English and American Studies and Philosophy from Tel Aviv University. As an Innovation Manager, responsible for expanding and constantly improving the technology frontiers of the localization processes; responsible for developing and improving processes in localization quality assurance, consulting and providing localization and internationalization solutions for our clients. In the last couple of years tasked with developing machine translation architectures.

Tali Mazor, Language and Quality Manager

Tali joined MGS Language Services in 2000 as an in-house editor and in 2008 was appointed Head of the Editing Dept., which comprises 5 editors and 4 translators-project managers. Tali serves as Language Lead for many of our clients and is part of the solution design team that customizes language solutions based on our clients’ specific needs. Tali is responsible for the Company’s overall quality assurance process, making sure that all of our clients’ linguistic and stylistic requirements are met. Tali has a BA in English Literature from Tel Aviv University and Philosophy and a diploma in EnglishHebrew Translation from Bar Ilan University.

Shai Haviv, Localization and Translation Operations Manager

With a degree in Communications and Business Management, Shai joined MGS Language Services in 2007 as a project manager and has since moved on to serve as Localization and Translation Operation Manager. Shai masters the intricacies of multi-lingual localization projects and has vast experience overseeing complex localization projects, which enables him to meet the most demanding requirements at the tightest of schedules to the satisfaction of our clients. MGS Language Services specializes in localization of software, mobile apps and online platforms, UI for medical devices and vehicle platforms, using cutting-edge translation memory tools to ensure the linguistic consistency of each new release across different versions and platforms, as well as complex translation projects for both domestic and global clients, meeting the most exacting requirements and the most demanding schedules. Translation is performed by professional translators with subject matter expertise and mastery of the relevant language combination, covering documents such as financial reports and prospectuses, affidavits and certificates to heavy machinery operation manuals.

Hilla Yovel, Head of Content and Talent Engagement Solutions

Hilla joined ManpowerGroup in 1992 and held management roles in Manpower Israel and Manpower USA.
Hilla joined MGS Language Services in 2011 and established the Technical Writing and Content Services Dept. Hilla oversees the Company’s multilingual talent engagement service, which offers flexible and scalable solutions – on- or off-site – for technical writing, marketing writing, content creation, transcription and other services. Hilla works closely with our clients to define their needs and objectives to tailor the right solution and ensure an efficient and effective business process. Hilla brings extensive experience in human resource and talent engagement across the Israeli and US markets

Yair Avishur, Head of Interpretation

Yair joined MGS Language Services in 2012 as Head of the Interpretation Dept., which offers simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services to government authorities as well as business organizations. Yair runs a “just in time”, multi-site outsourced business solution according to changing business needs. Yair’s Department serves immigration authorities, the Ministry of Justice, courts of law and other public offices, with the aid of hundreds of interpreters who speak more than 100 languages, including rare language combinations. MGS Language Services specializes in phone, on-site, conference and in-person interpretation. Our highly-skilled professionals’ interpretation is not only accurate, but also  reflects colloquialisms and other culture-specific references.

Hadar Musael, Business Development Manager – Pharma & Medical

With an MBA degree and extensive experience in business development, Hadar specializes in business development for the medical field and works closely with medical device companies, pharma companies and clinical trial companies with the aim of providing tailored language solutions that meet the most demanding requirements and quality standards. MGS Language Services provides translation and localization services, as well as editing, validation and content management services in 160 languages to leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The company’s expert medical services include translation of ICFs, PILs and protocols, production of product videos, and localization of medical device UI, websites, mobile apps and more.

Keren Fornis, Business Development Manager – Localization

Keren, who holds a degree in Management and Economics, joined MGS Language Services in 2016 and engages in business development vis-à-vis the localization market, working with clients who wish to adapt their content to different target markets. MGS Language Services offers a superior and comprehensive solution for the localization of user interface and documentation using state-of-the-art translation memory tools that enable us to maintain linguistic consistency and offer our clients significant cost savings. Our Localization Dept. with the aid of our in-house engineers handle the localization of websites and online platforms, mobile apps, software and documentation using a proven, streamlined localization workflow that ensures high quality results every time.

Karin Aloni, Business Development Manager – Public Sector, Legal and Finance

Karin joined MGS Language Services in 2000 as a Project Manager and moved on to manage the Jerusalem Branch in 2010-2012. Since 2012, Karin has served as a Business Development Manager for the Public Sector, Legal and Finance. Karin specializes in providing customized language solutions to the Public Sector and in handling official bid responses. Karin holds a BA in Islamic and Middle East studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.