Transcription is a precise skill that can be time-consuming, but our expert transcribers will take the pain out of the process. Simply give us the video or audio recording and we will use our extensive transcription and translation experience to tailor a solution to suit your exact needs: whether you require a word-for-word transcription that records every utterance, mumble, emotion and sound, or a succinct, edited transcription that conveys the meaning but leaves out the “noise”, our transcribers will deliver. We will meet any deadline that you require without compromising the highest quality, and will comply with any security or back-up requirements that you may have.

We train all our transcription specialists to make sure that they are completely up to date with the latest tools and processes. We can also supply transcription software and headphones.

Our clients include leading global companies and we carry out transcription work in a variety of languages. We can work at our own premises or, if you require full confidentiality, at yours.