It’s more than what’s being said – it’s what’s meant to be said

These days, you could be dealing with clients, colleagues or civilians from all over the world – from Mozambique to Mumbai, Paris to Peking, Texas to Tokyo. You know how to communicate your message clearly in your own language, but how do you make sure that what you say and mean is what they hear and understand?

As one of the leading interpretation services providers in the world, we provide global organizations with comprehensive outsourced interpretation services, from talent recruitment to the day-to-day management of the interpreters’ work on every project. In the public sector, we have worked with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, Israel courts administration , Ministry of Justice. Our commercial clients include Elbit and Teva.

Working in 160 languages, we specialize in phone, on-site, conference and in-person interpretation. We have the resources to provide you with as many translators you need, wherever, whenever and for as long as you need them.

Our interpreters’ expert knowledge of the subject matter at hand ensures that translations are contextually, not just technically, accurate.

So, whatever the setting – international trial, global business meeting or diplomatic discussion – we have all your interpretation needs covered!

Consecutive interpretation

A consecutive interpretation maintains the feeling of a conversation, with the speaker pausing along the way for the interpreter to repeat what was said, in the target language. Our interpreters are experts in picking up not only the words said, but also the tone and nuances used. Semantics, intention and feeling are all reflected in a true, accurate and accessible translation.

In business, consecutive interpretations are suitable for meetings, interviews, conferences, negotiations, training sessions and more.

In the public sector, healthcare providers, the police, the justice system, immigration authorities and other government offices dealing with civilians from overseas are using consecutive interpretation to better communicate with the people they deal with on a daily basis.  

Our Consecutive Translation team provides our clients with hundreds of interpreters speaking common and rare languages, around the country and 24/7.

With our vendor management system and recruitment capabilities, we know how to choose the best talent suited to our clients’ exact requirements.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Where time is of the essence, a simultaneous translation will keep the proceedings moving along. Our highly-skilled simultaneous interpreters convey the exact message of the original source – processing the speaker’s words, translating them and delivering the translation, while keeping pace with the speech and not disturbing its natural flow.

With excellent speaking skills and a deep understanding not only of the languages but the subject matter and culture involved, our interpreters get straight to the point, working quickly and decisively to deliver an accurate translation that reflects colloquialisms and other culture-specific references.

Our Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) model is hassle-free for you. We take care of everything – talent, equipment, booths, quality headsets and experienced technicians, as needed.

Telephone translation services

Imagine a single point of contact that would connect you to a network of hundreds of translators, any time anywhere. MGS Language Services can offer you immediate, over-the-phone translation into any language.

If you need a translation service at short notice to work with you over the phone on an ad hoc basis, just contact us and we will find the solution that best suits your specific needs.

Specialized Interpretation solutions for public sector

Working across different time zones, or through the night and need 24/7 interpretation support? Looking for translations into multiple languages at the same time? Whether it’s a long-term project or on an ad hoc basis, you need our specialized interpretation services.

Our translators have specific content expertise, so however sensitive or specialized the subject matter, you get the highly professional service that you demand.

MGS Language Services provides various managed translation services to the public sector. Our pool of interpreters includes native speakers of commonly-spoken languages such as Arabic and Thai and more specialty languages such as Tigrinya and Amharic. Each one has undergone professional tests where we assess their suitability in terms of language ability, speed and other factors, and in-depth, face-to-face interviews.

Around the clock, our team of project managers dispatches our interpreters to clients around the country, including courts, immigration authorities, welfare services and other public organizations.