Adapting all the working parts – not just the outer language shell

When making your products or services available internationally, it’s not enough to just translate your written materials into the required language. To make sure that your product and documentation are as successful overseas as they are at home, you need to engage with the market with the fluency of a local, from a professional, cultural, linguistic and user-experience standpoint. We call this localization and, as Israel’s leading language solutions provider with nearly 25 years’ experience, we have perfected the process.

Our global reach and knowledge give us the necessary understanding of cultural intricacies, linguistic nuances and technical terminology. We use the best people, processes and technology available today, including market-leading translation tools such as memoQ, Trados Studio, Alchemy Catalyst, SDLX, Idiom and Passolo. These tools result in highly efficient work processes, consistency in terminology both within a given project and across mulitple projects, and cost savings for our customers.

Our team of 1200 expert translation professionals cover 160 languages and can handle any job, however large, wherever it is and whatever your industry, be it telecom, medical devices, enterprise management, or, banking & finance. You can be confident that your translations are not only accurate, but that they are consistent, relevant and fit your brand design.

We are constantly innovating and streamlining our work processes to make sure that you get the best and most cost-effective service available today. We connect you with our development teams in the early stages of the project and carry out localization every step of the way. Our job is only done after cosmetic, linguistic and technical quality assurance has been completed. The results speak for themselves, as our clients experience increased return on investment and improved adoption rates for their products in global markets.   

Whether you’re going global for the first time or you’re an experienced exporter approaching a new overseas market, call us to make sure you get it right from the start.

Website and online platform localization

To ensure that your website is suited to international markets, you need to adapt its content not only to another language, but to another business culture. The new text must fit the design and usability of your website, and graphics and interactive content must also be translated.  

Our advanced localization workflow  ensures high quality results every time. Our in-country translators are fully immersed in the local culture and have vast experience in maintaining your website’s SEO characteristics. We can produce a style guide and glossary; use graphics applications to localize graphics elements, multimedia presentations, flash and video components; and provide a rich website translation and copywriting, if needed.

Mobile app localization

To ensure global availability and success of your application, you need to distribute it, and every subsequent update, in dozens of languages at the same time. Our mobile app localization process ensures a smooth localization workflow so that all translations are delivered simultaneously to users around the world, on multiple platforms.

Our translation memory tools allow us to re-use previously translated strings and translate only the new ones, maintaining the consistency of each new release across different versions and platforms, and generating considerable savings for our clients.

We have a rigorous QA process which checks both the language and the cosmetic elements of your app. By comparing screen shots of the original language app with screen shots of the target language, our translators are able to see their translation in its actual context, and confirm that it is correct and appropriate.

Software localization

The success of software localization depends on more than an accurate translation of user interfaces and documentation. It also requires an ability to capture cultural nuances, create a consistent look and feel and ensure local usability.

In our advanced localization workflow we use engineering processes for automation and linguistic consistency and desktop publishing for graphic consistency. Our engineering team can handle many formats of source files, including: .rc, .java, .properties, xml, html, php and js. We can also provide glossaries and translation memories for future use across projects, minimizing costs and turnaround time; use advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools; handle resource files and binary files; and employ graphics applications for desktop publishing.   


As the sole provider of SAP Language Services into Hebrew, we have been entrusted with the translation and localization of software UI, marketing documents, web pages, training materials, help text, product and service catalogs and more. We have set up a dedicated  in-house translation team that produces consistent, component-driven and understandable terminology. Based on these localized terminology items, the team provides fluent translations adhering to the rules of the Academy of the Hebrew Language for best of breed results. On-demand language consultancy services for SAP Israel are an additional aspect of our valued contribution.

Testing and QA solutions

Through our years of experience, we have developed a comprehensive, proven quality assurance process that ensures that we deliver high quality, error-free work which is cosmetically, linguistically and technically accurate.
We won’t settle for anything less than perfect, so you don’t have to.