Talent Engagement

Finding the right people is really tough, but it’s what we do best

We are experts at sourcing the language, content, marketing and transcription talent that you are looking for. Using relevant recruitment sites and social media, networking with Israel’s language expert  community, and leveraging the long-term relationships that we have developed within our own talent pool, we are able to reach unique recruitment sources.

To identify the right person for the job, all candidates undergo a dedicated recruitment processes, including a rigorous interview, testing to determine their skills and abilities and checking of references. All our staff have proven experience and are qualified in using the latest translation software on the market.

Our flexible service gives you the option of our specialists working on-site or off-site, under our full or partial management, while adhering to the work processes of your organization, and meeting deadlines.

Our language specialists are native speakers of the language they are translating into and have the educational and professional background required to perform tasks covering broad areas of expertise. They are supported by the technical experts in our engineering department, who have the knowledge and ability to train them in using the latest writing and content management tools.


We have access to a large pool of writers, covering many diverse areas of expertise.

For each writing project, we appoint a project manager who selects the writer best suited to the needs of the task and, manages the progress of the project. In complex projects, the project manager builds a team of writers with different levels of experience and professional backgrounds. This enables the efficient management of the task, while maintaining a high quality of work and keeping within the budget of the client.   

Our technical writers work in collaboration with our engineering department to incorporate drawings, illustrations and photographs into documents, for illustrative purposes. We can produce user guides, text for online help desks, operating system installation guides and much more.

Our content creators ensure onsistency and accuracy across an organization’s global messaging and work with state-of-the-art authoring systems.

Our marketing writers become familiar with your service or product and research your target audience in order to produce compelling copy.

We take great care in selecting our transcription staff. Following a phone call and in-person interview, they are required to pass exams and complete our own course of comprehensive training.

Each transcription project is allocated a project manager for the purposes of qualitative research and business intelligence.

We carry out quality control on every transcription to ensure that deliverables and compliance schedules are met. We can also provide transcription software and headsets for use throughout a project.

We can also provide transcribers to cover meetings, interviews and  interrogations.