Hebrew Translation & Localization

One of the leading companies in the Israel translation industry, MGS Language Services has been providing Hebrew translation and localization services since 1992 to leading global companies across industries.

Our in-house team of linguists, project managers, engineers and graphic designers all work together to provide our customers with high-quality translations to meet their specific requirements.

Our dedicated team hand-picks the most suitable local translators from our ever-growing pool, based on subject matter proficiency and experience. Our in-house editors review all Hebrew translations to ensure adherence to client requirements and to make sure that the target text is free of any “translationese”. Whether we’re localizing a medical device UI or a cool messaging app – our aim is to provide our clients with idiomatic, flowing and natural-sounding translations.

Through the years, MGS Language Services has established itself as one of Israel’s leading localization companies, working with major global corporations. Our proven Hebrew localization process and technological expertise enable us to tackle complex localization projects and meet the most demanding requirements in terms of quality and schedule.